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    AIMS Testing Schedule

    Thatcher USD has established a master testing schedule for AIMS testing through the spring of 2013. To view that schedule click on the link below.

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    Finding Students Who Need Special Help.....

    Ten percent of the general population has some form of disability or learning disorder. Thatcher Unified School District is looking for any children (birth to 22 years of age) who might have difficulties resulting from a disability who might need special education services in order to succeed in school. If you know of a student who has major difficulty with organizational skills, learning or understanding, speaking or writing, getting along with others, making adjustments in different situations or completing tasks, please contact Suzanne Menges at 348-7206 to have his/her progress checked. Free special education services are available to eligible children. For more information, call Child Find at (602) 364-4015 or visit the Child Find website at http://www.ade.az.gov/ess/childfind

    Special Education Services at TUSD

    Welcome to the 14-15 school year at Thatcher Unified Schools! We are committed to providing a top-quality educational experience for all students. The Special Education faculty work with students with a wide variety of needs and dedicate themselves to helping each student achieve success. Through the development of the IEP (Individualized Education Plan), a team of professionals along with the parents specify exactly what services or accommodations each student may need--whether that includes more time to complete assignments, some type of assistive technology, or simply increasing communication between the school and the home.

    We look forward to working with our wonderful students this year!

    Information For Parents......

    Special Education and State Mandated Achievement Testing

    State mandated testing will remain the same for this year. Kindergarten and first grade students will be taking part in district assessments, known as Benchmarks, in the areas of reading, writing, and math. Students in grade 2 and grade 9 will take the Stanford 10 test in the spring. Students in grades 3 through 8 will take the AIMS test. Students in grade 10 will take the AIMS test in the spring semester. Students who do not pass the AIMS test on the first testing will have two opportunities in grade 11 and two opportunities in grade 12 to take any portions of the AIMS test not passed on previous testings.

    At present the Arizona Department of Education is requiring special education students to take the yearly required test at each student's grade level. For example, a 5th grade special education students will take the 5th grade test, a 10th grade student will take the AIMS test which is only given at the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade levels. The AIMS requirement for high school graduation for Special Education students will be determined in each student's Indidividual Education Plan (IEP).

    Certain students in the district qualify for a yearly Alternative Assessment which is completed by student's Special Education teacher. Those students are identified during their IEP development and will not be affected by any decision made concerning grade level testing.

    Sample AIMS Tests......

    The Arizona Department of Education has made sample tests, by grade level, available for math, reading, and language arts. If you would like to see the type of questions and some of the possible material covered on the AIMS test click below and you will access the website.

    Click here for more information.

    Student Screening

    All new students whose parent or guardian indicate on their registration forms that there is a home language other than English will be tested with a state approved Language assessment test called the AZELLA. The AZELLA tests a students' abilities in listening, reading, writing, and speaking English. Students who do not score proficient on this test are considered to be English language learners.

    This screening process provides the student's teachers and parents with valuable information, but is not the only information we use. Classroom participation and performance, and information from previous school districts also helps us create the most supportive educational program we can for each child. Parents are an important part of this process and are encouraged to bring any information to the review meeting once all data is collected!

    Child Find Policy

    Thatcher School's Child Find Policy.

    Click here for more information.

    ROAD CREW MEMBERS 2013-2014

    High School: Mr. Ramon Morales, Mrs. Dawn Wood
    Middle School: Mrs. Jessica Medlin, Mrs. Elaina Estrada, Mrs. Terri Shupe
    Elementary School: Ms. Ora Allred
    Primary School: Mrs. Ruth Vining, Mrs. Terri Moore
    Administrators: Dr. Suzanne Menges, Mr. Matt Petersen

    Thank you, Mrs. Pena

    Mrs Pena prepared an Australian dessert called "Pavlova"-this one was filled with mango-yum! We also enjoyed meat pies-a common Aussie snack.
    Other Related AIMS Testing Materials.....

    Click below to see more AIMS test sample questions.

    Click here for more information.

    How is English taught to my child?

    All teachers at Thatcher Schools have completed training specifically to assist Engligh language learners. This training, called the "Stuctured English Immersion" endorsement, provides them with strategies and tools to use in a regular classroom setting to help students gain English skills.

    Teachers with ELL students in their classrooms provide a language-rich, caring environment where students are positively supported. With audio recordings, high-interest texts, small group instruction, and computerized tutorials, a variety of learning methods are provided in the classroom and libraries.


    Tips for Parents To Help With AIMS TESTING

    We live in an era of high-stakes testing. To obtain diplomas, students will have to pass the AIMS test. In Massachusetts, the students were given five chances to pass, as they will be in Arizona; 90% passed. When the records of the other 10% were examined, almost all of them had poor attendance. Because the test questions measure only materials that were covered in class, students who attend should pass the test, but the teachers cannot teach students who are not there.

    Helping children with homework is a wonderful way for parents and children to interact. Here are some ways you can help strengthen your students study habits:
    • Designate a quiet place for your child to do homework
    • Support the teachers by ensuring homework is completed and turned in on time
    • Help your child value the importance of doing homework

    “First, we must restore classroom discipline. When teachers are not supported in disciplining disruptive students, some teachers tend to give up. That has lead to anarchy in some public schools across the country. Other teachers keep trying, but valuable time is diverted from teaching the students who want to learn. Restoring classroom discipline is a necessary precondition to creating a learning atmosphere, to facilitate academic excellence. When parents and school work together as a team, student behavior improves. I hope you will work with your school to make this a successful endeavor, which will ultimately raise the academic performance of all our students.”
    ~Tom Horne, Superintendent of Public Instruction

    Thank you, Thatcher Community!

    A heartfelt "thank you!" goes out from the students in the gifted program to all the wonderful sponsors and supporters who helped make our dream trip to Gettysburg in May, 2013 a reality! Local businesses, parents, and community members helped by donating, buying a LOT of chocolate bars, and participating in other fundraisers. We could not have attended the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg without the support and encouragement of our wonderful Thatcher community! Thank you all!
    What is the criteria for exiting an ELL program?

    Exit criteria as determined by the Arizona Department of Education:
    • A score of "Proficient" on the standardized ELL AZELLA assessment
    • Final grades of C or better in core subject areas (Math, English, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies).

    Once a student exits the ELL program, his/her progress will be continually monitored for two years after this reclassification to ensure their continued success in the classroom.

    12-13 Program: The Civil War!

    Our unit of study this year will be centered on "The War Between the States". We divided our classroom into North and South, complete with a replica of a Civil War-era camp. We have an exciting interactive online curriculum that will take us through the causes, major battles, prominent leaders, battlefield strategies, and many little-known facts regarding this dark era in our country's history. We will examine the different factors that led to one side's advantage over the other, and will develop our own theories about what could have happened in other circumstances. In addition, several guest speakers/re-enacters will visit our classroom throughout the year.

    To refer the student to be tested for the gifted program, click here.

    Road Crew hard at work

    The "Road Crew" mapping team leaders meet throughout the year and at a summer session to review all the maps and plan ongoing development of our curriculum
    Graham County Special Services......

    The Dan Hinton School is used by TUSD students with special needs. Dan Hinton School is a recently completed SFB project. The new facilities will be a much needed addition to help our students. For further information about the Dan Hinton School contact either Mr. Matthew D Petersen (348-7206) or Mrs. Lisa James (485-2759).
    Look For These Changes In Your Child's Development....

    3 Months
    •Lifts head regularly when on tummy
    •Makes cooing noises
    •Quiets when spoken to
    •Grasps objects placed in hand
    •Begins to bat at objects
    6 Months
    •Sits with light support
    •Babbles when alone or with someone
    •Reaches for objects
    •Holds objects with either hand
    •Turns eyes and head toward sounds or voices
    •Begins to crawl (moves around other than on hands and knees)
    9 Months
    •Sits without support
    •Begins creeping (up on hands and knees)
    •Imitates cough, bye-bye, hand clap, ma-ma
    •Drops and looks for an object
    •Can find a toy hidden under cloth
    •Likes to dump out and pick up things
    1 Year
    •Pulls up to a standing position and cruises around furniture
    •BEGINS to say ma-ma and da-da to refer to parents
    •Finger feeds self solid food
    •Follows a simple direction like “bring me the ball”
    •Points to objects she knows when asked “where is it”
    •Begins to use a spoon and hold a cup
    1.5 Years
    •Walks well and runs
    •Can push, pull, carry and lift objects
    •Names SOME objects
    •Can point to simple pictures
    •Brings you an object he/she knows when asked
    2 Years
    •Walks up and down stairs, two feet on each step
    •Can name more than three body parts
    •Stacks two to four objects
    •Uses two-word sentences
    •Enjoys doing things for self
    •Gets easily frustrated
    •Uses objects as they should be used
    3 Years
    •Uses three to five word sentences
    •Sings simple songs
    •Can jump in place
    •Begins to ask questions
    •Enjoys “pretend” play (for instance, pretending to be mom, dad, brothers and sisters)
    •Can help brush teeth, wash hands, undress, etc.
    4 Years
    •Can use the toilet (with few accidents)
    •Can balance on one foot, then the other
    •Can name up to three colors
    •Can retell parts of a familiar story
    •Begins to play with other children rather than alongside them
    5 Years
    •Likes playground challenges
    •Dresses self completely, including buttons, beginning to zip and tie
    •Can play cooperatively with a small group of children
    •Draws people in two parts—head and arms or legs
    •Can tell parents about something that happened while they were gone
    •Says number words to ten

    Who is enrolled in the ELL program?

    Last year, the ELL program served about 8 students during the school year. The first languages spoken by students in the ELL program at Thatcher included: Japanese, Tagalog (Philippines), German, Spanish, Guyarti (India), and Spanish. We are excited to have these students in our district and welcome the opportunity to learn from them about their culture! Students typically receive ELL services from one to three years, as needed.
    Southeast Regional Cooperative

    The Southeast Regional Cooperative (SER) is an organization under the umbrella of Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind. This cooperative provides support services for students with sensory impairments in Graham county school districts, in addition to Cochise, Greenlee, Pima, Santa Cruz and other school districts in Pinal county. Some of the services provided through SER are the assistance in the identification and evaluation of students with sensory impairments; specialized equipment, instruction, and related services for those students; and assistance to the staff in the local school districts. The Southeast Regional Cooperative works in partnership with district staff to provide special education and related services for all sensory impaired students so these students can reach their individual potential in their local school setting.

    Click here for more information.

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