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Friday, December 19, 2014
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    The "EAGLE ROAD CREW": Driving Change in Thatcher School District!

    What is a curriculum? A list of chapters in the book to be covered? A list of topics to be studied? Lesson plans?

    A strong curriculum is the foundation upon which meaningful learning experiences and excellent teaching is based. A well-developed curriculum "map" serves the students of the district by defining a clear set of skills that should be mastered at each level of instruction.

    Curriculum mapping addresses the most important questions for any educational program:

    Who is teaching what?
    Are we covering all the topics we want to cover?
    How are we measuring our effectiveness as instructors?
    How do we help students move from grade to grade with the knowledge they need to be successful?

    Thatcher Schools launched a curriculum development initiative in the 11-12 school year that began to answer these questions and created a base map from which teachers can begin to collaborate with one another regarding the overall learning experiences for students as they move through our district. This is a teacher-driven initiative, led by lead "mappers" (we refer to them as our "Road Crew") in each of the school buildgins who teach their peers about the mapping document and what it represents. We refined and further organized our maps during the 2012-2013 school year across grades, buildings, and eventually the entire district. Now, in the 2013-2014 year, we have begun to order the curriculum materials that will support our new maps, and we continue this important work to keep our classroom experiences fresh and relevant for our students.

    Curriculum mapping benefits all areas of our district. New teachers to the district truly appreciate this guide for their classroom activities. Teachers learn what skills are taught in the grades levels below and above their own, and discussions begin on the sequencing of skills taught in each subject area. Ultimately, the learning experience for students becomes a naturally organized flow of skill development as they move through the grades.

    We are excited to continue this important project as we provide the best educational experience we can for our students!

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    ROAD CREW MEMBERS 2013-2014

    High School: Mr. Ramon Morales, Mrs. Dawn Wood
    Middle School: Mrs. Jessica Medlin, Mrs. Elaina Estrada, Mrs. Terri Shupe
    Elementary School: Ms. Ora Allred
    Primary School: Mrs. Ruth Vining, Mrs. Terri Moore
    Administrators: Dr. Suzanne Menges, Mr. Matt Petersen

    Road Crew hard at work

    The "Road Crew" mapping team leaders meet throughout the year and at a summer session to review all the maps and plan ongoing development of our curriculum

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