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Friday, December 19, 2014
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Welcome to the 5th Grade

Mr. Steve Hooper, Mrs. Lori Christensen, Mrs. Maurine Allred, Mr. Harold Rowley, and Ms. Ora Allred are our 5th grade teachers this year. We are fortunate to have the knowledge and experience that they bring to their classes. Each of these teachers have a strong desire to see their students succeed and master the curriculum that has been established for all 5th grade children.

Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6
5th Grade Staff

Mr. Steve Hooper - Math
Ms. Ora Allred - Science
Mrs. Lori Christensen - Language
Mr. Harold Rowley - Reading
Mrs. Maurine Allred - Social Studies

All teachers will teach Spelling

“HANDS-ON” Demonstration

Ms. Ora Allred’s 5th Grade Science class conducted some “Scary Halloween” activities in her classroom today. The children made Frankenstein’s Hand and Sloppy Slime using chemical reactions.

All starting and finishing materials are non hazardous and safe. This reaction has been widely used from public school science classes right up to the university level courses to analyze and demonstrate chemical reactions.

"Apple" writing

Create your own story using the prompt "apples". An example of a title would be: "The Year Apples Didn't Fall", "The Dog who loved apples", "The Great Apple Orchard", and "Johnny Appleseed's Fantastic Journey".

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