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    Student Population:399
    Staff Population:24

      Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6 1386 N. 4th Ave.
    Thatcher, AZ 85552
    Phone: 928-348-7250
    Fax: 928-348-7253
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    Hours: 7:00-3:30 - Office
    8:00-2:15 - Regular Release
    8:00-12:15 - Early Release

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    "Nurturing Success"

    At Thatcher Elementary School, students are our top priority, and all of our actions are guided by the answer to the questions, “What is in the BEST INTEREST of our STUDENTS?” with this in mind, it is our mission to provide the support, guidance, and environment necessary for our students to discover, create, learn and progress towards their maximum potential. This will happen through the cooperative efforts of staff, students, parents, administration, community, and the school board. We know that we succeed only inasmuch as our students succeed and their success is our mission.

    Hal Mullenaux, Principal

    Tye Stewart, Asst. Principal

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    TES Classroom Request Guidelines

    Thatcher Elementary School is no longer accepting non-requests of teachers.

    If there are circumstances that you believe merit a request or non request, parents can make that request known in writing to the principal by submitting a completed Classroom Information Sheet by May 1st, 2014. Classroom Information Sheets can be obtained in the TES office.

    --It is not possible to honor all requests.

    Parents are cautioned not to request placement or non-placement based upon what they may have heard about a teacher or teachers from other parents or community members. Just as each child is unique, so is each teacher. An experience that other parents may have had with their children may be totally different from what your child could have with the same teacher.

    --Requests for a child not to be placed with another child, for whatever reason, must be noted in writing on the Classroom Information Sheet. Given other circumstances and teacher recommendations, it is not always possible to honor these requests.


    --All parent requests received by the deadline date of May 1st will be strongly considered, however, the final decision is based upon a variety of factors including but not limited to; academic and social considerations, total class size and male/female ratio.

    --The final decision on all student placements rests with the principal after due consideration of staff recommendations and parent requests. We will do our best to place students per parent request, however, as stated; we may not always be able to do so.

    Thank you for the support you give you child and for your cooperation and understanding. Please call the TES office if you have any questions. 348-7252

    Student School Supply Lists

    Parents are encouraged to purchase school supplies for their child prior to the beginning of the school year. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 348-7252.

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    Elementary Registration Forms 14-15

    For registration forms (scroll down to the Thatcher Elementary School Student Enrollment Forms tab), click here.

    Parent-Teacher Organization

    The mission of the PTO is to carry out activities that support, promote, provide, and enhance the educational experience of the students of Thatcher Elementary and Middle School. The PTO provides support for special events and programs that are unable to be funded by other means. The PTO also gives parents, staff, and the entire community the opportunity to work together to make TES & TMS an exceptional school for our students.

    Each students is resposible to know and understand the rules and procedures of Thatcher Elementary School. The student handbook contains those rules and procedures that need to be followed to ensure a great school year. Electronic copy available for viewing. If you have any questions please contact the office 348-7252.

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    TES Monthly Newsletter

    Click on the link below and it will direct you to the downloads page where you may scroll down and select the newsletter.

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    Helpful Articles Especially For PARENTS

    The following collection of articles may prove to be helpful to parents as their children progress through school. These articles cover a wide range of subjects and are brief and an easy read. We hope they help you in working with your child.

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