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Monday, December 22, 2014
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  Characteristics of Giftedness  
  Title   Description
Characteristics Not sure if the student would be considered gifted? Use this guide to help you decide Recognizing the Characteristics of Gifted Children[1].pdf
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  Gifted Info  
  Title   Description
Australian Unit Curriculum Map Learn what we will be studying this year! Australian Unit Curriculum Map.docx
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Spring '14 Schedule Be sure to check this schedule for the meeting times this spring! Spring
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  Permission to Test  
  Title   Description
Permission to Test Once a referral form has been submitted, please use this form to grant or withhold permission to test a student for the program Permission Form[1].pdf
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  Program Overview  
  Title   Description
Program Overview This document provides important information about the Gifted Program in our District Program Overview[1].pdf
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Referral Form Please complete this form in its entirety to refer a student for testing for the gifted program. (It is a two-page form). When completed, please submit the form to Dr. Menges at the Thatcher Schools District Office. Referral Form[1].pdf
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