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  About Budget Issues  
  Title   Description
April 26, 2012 Public Forum April 26th Forum Meeting Presentation April 26 2012 Public Final.pdf
File Size: 1.06 MB
Survey Results and Tax Impact Info Results of Strategic Planning Survey and Tax Impact Information Strategic Planning Survey Results.pdf
File Size: 71 KB
Strategic Planning Survey Form On-line form to participate in Strategic Planning survey STRATEGIC PLANNING SURVEY.doc
File Size: 26 KB
2010-2011 Budget Info Financial Info for Strategic Planning Budget expectations for 2010-2011 Staff Presentation.pdf
File Size: 82 KB

  About TUSD  
  Title   Description
2013-14 Calendar Approved Calendar 2013-14 Approved w Inservice Days.xlsx
File Size: 16 KB
Educational Mission District and School Mission Statements Educational Mission.doc
File Size: 20 KB
Emergency Preparedness Dept.of Education School Safety Advisory ADE School Safety Advisory.doc
File Size: 30 KB
Emergency Preparedness Parent Guide to School Emergencies Parent Guide to School Emergencies[1].pdf
File Size: 45 KB

  Athletics at TUSD  
  Title   Description
Thatcher Unified School District Athletic Handbook Thatcher Unified School District Athletic Handbook Thatcher Unified School District Athletic Hanbook 13-14.pdf
File Size: 0.49 MB

  District Office Enrollment Forms  
  Title   Description
Open Enrollment Application for enrolling an out-of-district student. This must be approved before enrollment can occur. OPEN ENROLLMENT.doc
File Size: 33 KB

  Jack Daley Primary School Student Enrollment Forms  
  Title   Description
Jack Daley Primary School - New Student Enrollment Forms 14-15 Forms for enrolling a new student or kindergarten student in the Jack Daley Primary School - Grades K-2. JDPS-New Student Registration 14-15.pdf
File Size: 0.80 MB

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